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Experts in commercial
real estate valuation.

Bolton Real Estate Consultants LLC is a highly experienced team specializing in complex commercial real estate valuations. We appraise a variety of property types for valuation disputes in litigation, tax and estate issues, special use real estate and more. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we are confident in our abilities to solve any valuation challenge for property owners. 

When an expert is needed to provide a fair and independent valuation, that's where Bolton Real Estate Consultants LLC comes in. We provide unbiased appraisals and consulting services to properties of all types, ensuring the utmost accuracy in every project we work on. We also have vast experience testifying before federal, state, and county courts of law.

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When no one else can figure it out, we can. 
Just ask our clients.

"I have worked with Bolton Real Estate for nearly 10 years. I have involved them in some of my clients' most complicated appraisal issues. They are extremely responsive and do great work. In addition, both David and Chance are excellent witnesses. They come across as sincere and credible. They are independent appraisers, but they are also strong advocates for their appraisal opinions."
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