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Bolton Real Estate Consultants LLC has extensive experience in real estate valuation, appraisal and consultation for litigation assistance. We provide support and consulting services for eminent domain and right-of-way to lay roadway, pipeline and utility lines. We provide assistance to clients of all types, from government agencies to property owners and other public entities.

We understand that being thorough is crucial to your litigation process. That’s why our service includes a complete valuation of your property and its damages as a result of partial takings, inverse takings, easement takings, property rights takings and environmental issues, often required by law in proceedings.

Our team offers expert testimony services before federal, state and county courts of law in a variety of matters including:

  • Eminent domain

  • Taking(s) related litigation

  • Environmental contamination

  • Probate disputes

  • Bankruptcy

  • Federal income tax

  • Ad valorem tax disputes


Have questions or need a consultation? We'd love to learn more about your property in question. 

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